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4 cat-adoption Facebook pages in Singapore to check out

Don't worry: they encourage responsible pet ownership

By Shi Min Xie | Oct 22, 2015

  • 4 cat-adoption Facebook pages in Singapore to check out
    Photo credit: choo chin nian

If you're keen on adopting a cat, The Cat Welfare Society or the SPCA aren't the only pet adoption avenues—there are a few Facebook pages that are already helping these kitties get forever homes. 

1. Feline Forever Home SG


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Posted by Feline Forever Home SG on Wednesday, 21 October 2015

An anonymous aunty gave the Meomi Cat Cafe seven of its cats, and one of the volunteers decided to help her start a Facebook page to get the rest of her kitties adopted.

To adopt a cat, arrange for a meeting, go through a house inspection and put mesh on the windows before signing the paperwork. There will also be a cat inspection after the animal has settled in. Viewing times are from 11am-7pm daily. While you don't have to pay to adopt, you will have to factor in vaccination costs as well as spaying and neutering expenses. 

2. LiFeline SG


"I'm Joey. I've been in this cattery for the last two years. Yet I haven't been promoted. Getting adopted will be the...

Posted by LiFeline on Thursday, 15 October 2015

Like the Feline Forever Home, this Facebook page is dedicated to rehoming cats who live with Aunty T, a lady who used to have about 70 cats in her rental home. Some volunteers managed to take the cats to commercial shelters after her lease expired, and $1,150 is needed to pay for boarding fees, food and other medical expenses for the cats. Its finances are also explicitly detailed, and each donation goes to supporting a cat.

Currently, 19 cats are up for adoption. It doesn't cost to adopt, but do arrange a time and date to meet prior to adoption. The process may take a few weeks. If you'd like to help in any way, email them here.

3. Kittens For Adoption Singapore


FOR ADOPTION"Noah", a.k.a. the wanderer. Sterilized male cat approx. 8-9 months old. Frontlined & dewormed. Litter-box...

Posted by Kittens for Adoption Singapore on Saturday, 20 June 2015

If you can commit to adopting a kitten, then visit Kittens for Adoption Singapore, which features fostered kitties.  

There are some considerations to note: Newborns need to be nursed every two hours, while kittens up to six months have to be fed three or four times daily. A meeting with the fosterers is required before bringing the kitten home and most importantly, your home has to be kitty-ready (meshed gates and windows, the works). 

4. Purely Adoptions


Like Kittens for Adoption, this page also crowdsources potential adopters of pets, but is more suited for dog lovers as there are fewer cats listed. Although published financial statements are not readily available, they announce the types of donations they receive on the Facebook page (such as food, for instance) and updates about these dogs and cats in their new homes.

You can email them to donate here, and contact the owners directly to discuss the adoption criterias. The process may take a few weeks.

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