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5 gaming cafes in Singapore to take your nerdy friends to

With board games or an Xbox console.

By Shi Min Xie | Sep 25, 2015

  • 5 gaming cafes in Singapore to take your nerdy friends to
    Play Nation at Prinsep Street
  • 5 gaming cafes in Singapore to take your nerdy friends to
    Settler's Cafe
  • 5 gaming cafes in Singapore to take your nerdy friends to
    The Mind Cafe, Funan

Whether it's old-school video games or super nerdy board games with beer, here are some places to gather up your geeky friends.


The Mind Cafe

Located along Prinsep Street and Funan the IT Mall, The Mind Cafe's two locations let introverts hide away far from the maddening crowd. There are 328 games at the former outlet, while the latter has 267. A five-hour session with your buds costs $13.90 on Fridays, Saturdays and the eves of public holidays. You could also pay $7.90 for four hours of game time from Monday to Thursday, as well as Sundays. This includes a free flow of drinks.

Cheat code: Sign up for a three year membership ($20) and play games for free on Wednesdays.

Settler's Cafe

The first games Cafe in Singapore would probably be a great idea to chill out after work before scooting to Clark Quay for drinks. While it smells slightly of feet, this cafe beats The Mind Cafe with over 600 games available. Go for a Big Gulp Gaming session ($8.90) for three hours, or come on Ladies' Night from Monday to Thursday for four hours of gaming for $8.

Cheat code: Take the day off and come from Monday to Thursday, 4:00-7:00pm for a three hour gaming session at $7.90


Play Nation

Although *Scape is known to be a hangout for teenagers, many respectable grown-ups still flock to Play Nation, which is known for its video games. It's probably the place to head to on a lazy Sunday with its plush beanbags and widescreen TVs. If *Scape makes you feel old, sneak off to their newly opened branch at Prinsep Street. To maximize game time, we recommend paying $11.50 for three hours of gaming from Friday and Saturday.

Cheat code: Come on Monday to Thursday and pay $10 for four hour sessions of video games respectively.

St Games Cafe

This is probably the place for n00bs who would like to get into gaming. Like Play Nation, this cafe focuses on console games, so you can troll your colleagues at Rock Band, Just Dance on the Kinect, or beat your bros at some soccer. Prices start at $8 for the first hour of gaming, and $5 for subsequent hours.

Cheat code: Come on your birthday and play games for free. 

The Colosseum

Relive your secondary school days by playing Counter Strike at The Colosseum's Bugis outlet. While the younger set plays DOTA, you can look forward to playing some of your old school faves, or trash your friends with the latest PC games. Prices start at $3 per hour.

Cheat code: NTUC, Safra and PassionCard holders pay $2.50 an hour. 

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